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Allyson // 아 리 손 <33
30 May 2030 @ 11:14 pm
I know they aren't much. But I try. ;)

Please don't claim and/or post and use my stories as your own. I worked hard on these babies. Like I said, they aren't the best.. But they're MINE. Thank you!♥

Those marked with a Image and video hosting by TinyPic are my personal favorites. :)

He knows it's love. || G || Yoomin/Yunjae/0T5 || Fluff Image and video hosting by TinyPic

She's no you. || PG-13 || Yoomin/OT5 || Romance

Manicure.♥ || NC-17 || Minchun || Smut, PWP

Wild Abandon. || NC-17 || Minchun || Smut, Crack

Titanic || PG || Yoomin || Fluff Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants." || R || Minjae, Minchun || Angst Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Reminder. || PG-13 || Minchun || Crack

Voice. || PG-13 || Yoomin || Crack

Beep. || R || Yoomin || Angst, Drama Image and video hosting by TinyPic

A Date With Forever || PG-13 || Yoomin || Humor, Romance Image and video hosting by TinyPic
You can read this in Russian here, translated by lamerk. :)

Reader comments are always appreciated. Please, please, please comment! =)
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Allyson // 아 리 손 <33
29 July 2029 @ 11:09 pm


1). I have friend-locked my personal entries. (For you know, protection. LOL.)
2). I however, left my stories and other fandom related posts public for every one to read. So you don't need to add me to read my works.This may change though. I mean, I may have to lock them one day, if my relatives decide to look for me on LJ. HAHA.
3). Please, PLEASE, PLEEEAAASSEEE comment if you want to be friended. :) I HATE random adds, because I suck at names. And I want to know each one of you. <3

So then, if it's not friendship you want, DON'T ADD ME. If you really, genuinely, want to be friends with me...


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Allyson // 아 리 손 <33
07 December 2011 @ 10:08 am

I feel compelled, even though I'm truly and absolutely busy. I feel that I need to write something special about someone special we recently lost. Sir Dennis, our beloved Program Director for the School of Information Technology passed away on December 4th peacefully in his sleep. Whilst I believe that he has gone much to soon, I'm thankful to God for not making his passing painful in any way.

Three years ago, I was a novice, I had no idea how being a college student worked. He was one of my professors during my first term as a colegiala. His subject was fairly simple, IT Concepts... But it was where we'd base our whole careers as Information Technology students. The course required you study hard, because you had this long-ass quizzes. But once you see your grade, you go; "Ahhh.. So this is how your reap the prize." He also spoke about how everyone else could be successful, it was never about just a few could succeed, but always about EVERYONE CAN. I could feel how passionate he was about caring for us, his students... And only wanted what was the best for us.

I remember an incident almost exactly three years ago where half of our Algebra class failed our finals (HALF! No one should fail half a class!). I talked to my mom about the situation, and she in turn talked to Sir Dennis about the issue. I could remember how my mom told me we were in the clear and we could move on to our next math class. I owe my being a regular student to him. My friend, along with some other classmates weren't as fortunate and they still had the 'R' mark, also they had trouble finding a slot for themselves to enroll in Algebra again. From what I heard, Sir Dennis could have snapped his hands and they'd be enrolled asap. This isn't about him boasting his powers or lording over his subordinates, this is about Sir Dennis caring genuinely and deeply for his students.

He was passionate about Volkswagen cars, he had a beetle car we fondly called Herbie, because it was designed the same exact way as Herbie The Race Car. Herbie had the number 53 stamped in the middle of her hood... Sir Dennis was 53 when he passed away.

I usually see him at school early in the morning, at the parking lot smoking a cigarette or we'd chance upon each other in the elevator. He's always smiling! Greet him with a; "Good morning Sir!" and he'd just say, "Sup?'" In that really groovy way that makes you smile too. He's a cool man, no fuss, no drama, just work, fun and genuine care. Up to now, I can barely believe he's gone, I'm almost always expecting to see him and greet him my usual "Good morning.", but when you realize it could never happen again, it's like a kick to the stomach. I'm sure everyone's looking forward to shaking his hand when we graduate, we can't do that now... But the least we could do is make sure his efforts for the school and the IT Department never goes to waste.

The little and big things he did for the school, for the students, for his family and for everyone else will never be forgotten. His contribution to the school can never be measured, he will surely be missed. IT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME WITH OUT HIM AGAIN. This will never be enough to express how grateful I am to him, but it's the only way I could think of to honor his legacy, memory and how he helped me as well as many others.
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24 September 2011 @ 03:38 pm
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Allyson // 아 리 손 <33
Good afternoon Ladies! ;)

I'm spectacularly bored.. Because it's chilly. It won't stop raining. Classes got suspended, that's why I'm home early. So.. Yeah. I guess you guys have to put up with my randomness.. Too bad!

I stole this meme from ookawaii. Thanks bb!<3

Fifteen movies that influenced you and that you'll always cherish. List them in no more than 15 minutes.


1. Tanging Yaman
2. Heaven's Postman
3. The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King
4. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows PART 2 (It made my cry like hell because how can you say goodbye to your whole childhood? *sobs*)
5. Godzilla 1998 (First movie I watched in the theaters that I have memories of.)
6. Jeepers Creepers 1
7. Jeepers Creepers 2
9. Rite
10. The Little Mermaid 1
11. Feng Shui
12. Nightmare On Elm Street (Freddie Krueger is an asshole! He kept me awake when I was a little girl!)
13. 500 Days Of Summer
14. Hachiko
15. The Miracle Worker


Now onto the planned and promised TOM FELTON mini picspam! >:]

I'm on a mission to make ongew horny.. I KNOW IT'S GOING TO WORK. XDDD SO bitch! Click under cut, because when I promised you a picspam. You're gonna get a picspam!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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31 July 2011 @ 08:20 pm
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I'm having trouble because of a Tom Felton obsession that started JUST LAST NIGHT. I'm hopeless. So. So hopeless. But he's just so sexy! Hnnnngh. And yes, I'm just terribly out of my socks that I change moods just as much as I tweet! AND THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING.. *snorts*

Who is this Jade? And why didn't I know she was dating Tom? T_T
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18 July 2011 @ 09:27 pm
KBS is a load of bull. Cowards. Chicken. They let SM pressure them into submission. Poor Cassies purchased tickets to fly to Jeju just to watch JYJ perform.. And what do they do? They replace our boys with F(X) and Girls Generation?? (I have nothing against, both groups.) But please! Saying they're more effective than JYJ to promote Korea. Fawk them and their money. I COULD JUST SWEAR IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF SM AGAIN. SCREW ME IF I'M WRONG. BECAUSE FUCK, I CAN'T BE WRONG.

I really should be studying, but I'm so mad.. So, so, so mad at everyone who cockblock JYJ from performing. I wish they'd be given more freedom to perform.. Because fuck, they're deserve to shine with HoMin! Maybe not at the same stage.. But at the same time! Because they're DB5K! :'(

Dear SM,

Isang araw.. Ipapalamon ko sa inyo ang pera niyo. Ipapalamon ko sa inyo pride niyo. Pero pag dumating ang araw na iyon, sisiguraduhin kong mabubulunan kayo at mamamatay. Ipapabaon ko rin sa hukay niyo lahat ng kayaman niyo. Napaka dumi niyo makipaglaro! Napaka unfair. Pero hindi kami magpapatalo. Isaksak niyo sa baga niyo yang pride niyo, pera niyo at talents niyo. Hindi cash cows ang DB5K namin.. Hindi sila bangko, at hindi rin sila tinutubuan ng pera. Mga patay gutom. When Homin leaves you.. Malugi sana kayo at hindi na kailanman makabawi.. Sana rin lumabas na lahat ng baho niyo. Mga puta kayo para sa pera, ganoon? Para lang mapatunayan na mas malakas kayo, gagawin niyo talaga lahat para sirain ang JYJ at ang fandom namin? Manigas kayo. Di kami aatras sa laban na 'to.



Yes, the latter part of my post today is in Filipino.. Because everything sounds dirtier that way, and I want dirtier. To those who can understand.. Please read at your own risk. For those who can't... Translate at your own risk. I just need to vent. Because my anger can't be contained. You can't stop and tell me I'm jumping into conclusions, BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE STATING THE OBVIOUS. But I don't care. I want to blame SM Entertainment.. It's the only way I'd at least feel relieved.
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Allyson // 아 리 손 <33
16 July 2011 @ 09:35 am
I'm a Harry Potter geek. I watched the last installment of Harry Potter last night. I got so emotional, I cried buckets. Because I thought Harry would die. Aaaaaaaaaaaaan fuuuuu. SNAPE! Y U SO NICE? T_T *bawls* It's over.. A part of my childhood.. Not to mention HALF MY LIFE.. Ended last night. Bye bye, Harry, Hermione, Ron.. And my forever bias.. Neville Longbottom.

I was eight years old when I first saw Harry Potter.. Now, I'm almost eighteen. Sigh. *dork face sheds tears*

/said geek crawls back under rock to finish her midterm requirement/
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11 July 2011 @ 08:20 pm



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Allyson // 아 리 손 <33
10 July 2011 @ 07:38 pm
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